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Colonisation of the Tamils


I’m a Tamil, tracing my ancestry to the ancient tamiṛakam. My people, the Tamils, have travelled widely over millennia for trade and profit. They have also waged war against neighbouring lands and colonised other realms. But this is about my people being colonised by other peoples.

Today, there are groups that make a stand against the different waves of colonisation. Yet, these same groups often gloss over other waves of colonisation: they deny their existence, they deny their effects, and they claim the good effects outweigh the bad. Below is a summary:

Colonisers Timeline Effects Deniers & Apologists
The English and other Europeans 15th–19th c. CE English fluency, wealth loss, native language disfluency Westernised urban‐dwellers 1 2
The Mughals and other Turkic peoples 14th–18th c. CE Persian flavours, wheat, Persian attire Dravidian movement, the left‐wing 3
The Aryans 2000 BCE–present Rice, loss of millets, eradication of native religions, syncretism with Dharmic religions, Hindustani cultural hegemony Upper‐caste Hindus 4 5 6